Ban the trade/sale of foie gras in Britain

If you want to help the cause.....

Dear (name of MP/MEP)
I don’t know if you are aware that the foie gras that is imported into this country is produced by the cruelest type of intensive farming. The geese or ducks have metal rods rammed down their throats and are force fed several times a day. The birds are kept in small cages and have no room to move. The birds’ inner organs are pushed out through their bottom as their liver swells up to 10 x its natural size. Do not fool yourselves that there is a nice way to produce foie gras, it will always be cruel. All for a taste in the mouth. The suffering of the birds is well documented in videos and pictures on the internet.
There are many celebrities and politicians that have BOYCOTTED restaurants and shops such as
Roger Moore, Dame Vera Lynn, Ricky Gervais, Kate Winslett, Twiggy and the House of Commons.; all these people will not want to eat where foie gras is being served or sold. 35 COUNTRIES HAVE BANNED THE PRODUCTION OF FOIE GRAS with California also banning the importation of it! Nearly 70,000 people have signed a petition against foie gras being imported into Europe. Recently the House of Lords has banned foie gras from its menu.
At present there are 10 animal welfare organizations, such as Team badger, RSPCA and PETA, who are united in stopping foie gras, between them they have millions of supporters.
The law stated that we don’t have import goods that compromise our health and moral wellbeing; I believe that the importation of foie gras ticks both those boxes!Please help to stop this cruelty.
There is an HM petition that has collected nearly 3,000 signatures in 3 month! The majority of British people are unhappy about foie gras being imported into this country. Please sign the petition If it reaches 100,000 it could create a debate in parliament and raise awareness.
Yours sincerely
(your name)

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